S2014 Tuesday 19+ Reg Season
Thursday, May 15, 2014 3:24 PM

The league presented challenges in developing a division split/schedule.  a great deal of though and feedback has gone into the following:

After the 4 exhibition games and other information the 12 teams have been seeded into 3 groups, based on game results and knowledge of each team the groups are:

Group A- Belmont Milds, Mitt Darten Broncos, Mad Dawgs, Hespeler Muffhawks

Group B-Jagr Bombs, Killer Seals, Healthy Scratches, Biohazards

Group C-Camtac Cougars, Wild Wingers, Danglers, Charros

Using these grouping a strength of team schedule has been posted.  Group A & C will play the majority of theri games against teams in their group while playing those in Group B once.  Group B will play those in their group while also cycling through some teams in both Group A & C.

For the playoffs a format that best allows for true and fair competition will be determined.

Therefore the league standings will remain has one division while we play through the regular season, playoff seedings and format will be determined by the final standings and strength of schedule.

Players must compete in 25% of the regular season to qualify for playoffs. 

I understand there may be questions so please do not hesitate to contact me,


Adam Meyer, Cambridge Sports Park League Manager